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"ZERO BIRDS"  SHOCK SYSTEM   (XL-6 Rod system)



The most effective shock system ever  !       with the best price ever !

Endless install

  (No problems with schrink because of springs every meter)
EASY   install    (glue, screw or pop the base and click the rods)
FAST  Install   (press turn an click the rods, in less than 2 seconds)
Most effective   (NO chance to pass this system without Shock, because of the 6 rods)
shortcut free   (rain, bird drops, ice, snow,etc.  are NO problem)
Lowest price    (comparing other systems is this the best priced system)
Durable   (all components are made from EU quality INOX and Polycarbonate)
Most profit   (material costs + install time = win-win comparing other systems)
multi usage   (The polycarbonate base could be split in a 2-3-4-5 or 6 rod system)
NO LIMITS  (install on roofing, all metall, glass, wood, stone, concrete and from 1 up to 10.000 m1)


We look for  a retailer in Your country ! contact us for more information.

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